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​I recently got married for the first time. Obviously never having done it before there were a lot of things I either didn't think of, or just didn't know needed to be done. With the help of Lisa Mosca and her extremely organized and focused wedding planning, there was never a moment when I cried, or had to become bridezilla.

From the cakes to the reception and flowers, she helped me find very talented people that were so nice and easy to work with. I loved everything about my wedding so much. I actually wish I could have another one just because it was so amazing and fun.

Most people you talk to say they would never do it again. Maybe they didn't get the right person to make their special day surpass all their expectations. I truly enjoyed my wedding! There was not one thing I wish we had done different.

Mrs. Jennifer Warren


I have been a soloist at many weddings, but none as beautiful as the one planned by Lisa. The entire day went like clockwork and the bride never stopped smiling. I hope to work with Lisa and Sand and Sun Weddings again.

Terri Frazzee
New Jersey


This fall, my husband and I attended a wedding at Ocean Isle Beach designed by Lisa Mosca. As long time attendees of weddings all over the United States, I can honestly say that this was one of the most beautiful and perfect weddings we have ever attended! Every detail was addressed, from the needs of the wedding party to the needs of the guests. Mrs. Mosca truly knows how to plan and execute a wedding! She is gifted in her ability to attend to every minute detail of an event. Because of her outstanding efforts, we had one of the best times ever at the wedding.

Mrs. Charles Garten
Charleston, WV


I can't express enough gratitude to such a special person. Lisa took the time to get to know us and knew exactly what to say. Lisa not only made this the most special day for my husband and I but for our friends and family as well. We had a truly memorable wedding which every woman dreams of. It was more beautiful, more romantic and more perfect than I could have imagined.

Mrs. Brooke Norris
Charlotte, NC


Our special day was more than we could have asked for! We were very blessed by the people who made our day so memorable. Lisa did a fabulous job with our wedding and was very helpful with planning our special day. It would not have been the day it was without Sand and Sun Weddings! If I had to request a rev. for a beach wedding it would be Lisa, for sure. Thanks for making our day so special and giving us such wonderful memories.



Our wedding day was one to remember! A sandstorm in progress! But Lisa, you made it perfect... we were both so relaxed, we enjoyed every moment. Thank you for making our special day one we will never forget! The shores of Ocean Isle was the perfect location. Our vows were word for word exactly how we felt. We cannot convey enough how this day will forever be etched in our memory. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Gary and Anita Montgomery